Connecting The Neighborhood To Global Governance Processes

We’re preparing a new role for the communisphere project – the global elements of our work. We’re completing the work of converting the site into a New York City specific.

In the interim, here are some links to projects that might be of interest:

  1. – The blog / wiki / web sites supporting Inc.’s advocacy effort for the .nyc TLD. It was developed beginning in 2005 and has a few hundred wiki and blog pages. The best way to explore it is to start with the blog and use the Categories on the right.
  2. dotNeighborhoods – An offshoot of the effort focused on the neighborhood name-set:,,, etc.
  3. – The home page for, the pilot project for city neighborhood sites.
  4. Sustainable City-TLD – The focus here is on exploring ways that a city-TLD can serve the long term needs of city organizations and residents.
  5. Transparent Search РA trustable search engine is an essential component of an effective civil society. All sectors of society benefit when an Internet search tool accurately presents available resources. This page focuses on developing such search tools for the .nyc TLD.
  6. City-TLD Governance – A vital question that all cities must address. From here we explore how the everyday Internet user can influence the development of the Net.
  7. BeyondVoting – This project began in 2005 with the intent of exploring ways we might use tech to improve our governance practices. It’s a public wiki that regularly gets spammed. It’s considerably out of date and if a kill button existed…
  8. .NYC Advisory Board – The city of New York’s oversight entity for the .nyc TLD.
  9. City Of Trust – On making New York City the center of the universe.

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